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The Swiss Désalpe

Ready for our next adventure, we headed to the Gruyères region for the day. And, much to our surprise, an amazing event was going on: the Désalpe de Charmay. This annual tradition is a mountain festivity, which celebrates the descent of famous Swiss cattle…

October 25, 2018
Switzerland Travel

Harvest Season in the Lavaux Vineyards

On a beautiful September day, my family and I went to one of my favorite walking spots in Lavaux, among the vineyards. But, before we began our hour-long foot journey along Chemin de la Dame between Rivaz and Epesses, we needed sustenance. Stopping at a…

October 11, 2018
Switzerland Travel

An Afternoon in Yvoire

Finally, after 3 years of dating my Swiss boyfriend, my parents made the journey to the Lac Léman region. I was so excited to share with them the Swiss part of my life – Lausanne, fondue, Lavaux – and more! My boyfriend and I…

September 27, 2018
Sunset Over Lac Léman; Lausanne, Switzerland
Dine Switzerland Travel

Swiss Fondue at Café du Vieil Ouchy

It was my last night in Switzerland. Therefore, it was time for the most traditional of Swiss meals – fondue at Café du Vieil Ouchy. After a fabulous dinner at Café Grancy the previous night, I was looking forward to another delicious meal at another…

July 19, 2018
Cafe Grancy Lausanne, Switzerland
Dine Switzerland Travel

Dinner at Café Grancy

With my departure from Switzerland looming, it was time for another round of goodbye dinners. So Junior, his family, and I headed to Café de Grancy, a large, airy restaurant just south of Lausanne’s train station. With a stunning patio and subtle belle époque touches, it was…

July 12, 2018
Lake Geneva, Switzerland Restaurant Guide
Dine Switzerland Travel

Lake Geneva Restaurant Guide

Although Switzerland is not the most trendy of places for food and beverage, it is great at what it knows. Particularly in the French dominant, Lac Léman region (or Lake Geneva, if you are an English speaker), traditional Swiss food and beverage shines, with a handful…

June 21, 2018
Summer Afternoon - Bern, Switzerland
Switzerland Travel

Summer Afternoon in Bern

I had a Friday free in early June and decided to head to Bern for a relaxing afternoon. Taking the train midday from Lausanne, I arrived at 2pm and walked towards the city center. In need of a snack, I hoped to find a…

June 14, 2018
Dine Switzerland Travel

Tapas in Lucerne

Lucerne isn’t really known for their Spanish food. But, hungry and in need of something different for dinner (too many nights of meat and potatoes), we opted for a local tapas restaurant on the south side of the city. Cutting through a side alley…

May 24, 2018
Switzerland Travel

An Afternoon in Lucerne

With the Ascension holiday off, Junior and I wanted to take advantage of our long weekend. One day for repose, another day for an Organic foods festival, and two for a trip to Lucerne. We woke up quite early for us (7:30am! I am…

May 17, 2018
Dine Switzerland Travel

Swiss Feast at Pinte Besson

Established in 1780, Pinte Besson in Lausanne is about as Swiss as they come. The restaurant, situated in the heart of old town, is housed in a building that was originally a wine cellar. Today, it is the oldest bistro in the city, serving up the…

May 10, 2018
Dine Switzerland Travel

Marina Lunch Break in Saint-Blaise

The sole goal of the day was to find a fiddle leaf fig plant for the living room. Recently returned from holiday in Paris, it was time to focus on filling up the Lausanne apartment with missing bits and pieces. And, highest on Junior’s…

May 8, 2018
Dine Switzerland Travel

Relaxed Spring Day in Vevey

Fresh off the plane from JFK, Junior picked me up at the Zurich airport on a balmy spring day. Having fled the 20 degree weather of Minnesota, the sunny and comfortable 65 was more than welcome to my vitamin D deprived skin. After a…

April 12, 2018