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Hidden Gem / Rude Manners – Paris

We arrived in Paris in mid April for a long weekend excursion. The city was blooming with spring flowers and was slightly damp. The sidewalks were cluttered with puddles from ongoing drizzles. But, for the most part, the sky remained clear, dotted with an…

April 17, 2018
Dine Hidden Gems

Hidden Gem / Little Bird – Portland

Following my graduation last spring, my boyfriend and I took a road trip up the West Coast of the United States. After a few days of wading through tide pools, poking anemones (mostly me, not him), driving through the Redwoods, and listening to the…

March 29, 2018
Dine Hidden Gems

Hidden Gem / Matt’s Bar – Minneapolis

In ode to the recent Superbowl hysteria in my home state of Minnesota, I thought, why not highlight a born-and-bred Minneapolis dive? Just on the outskirts of Minneapolis, in a neighborhood clustered with 1920s bungalows, is Matt’s Bar, a Minnesota institution. With rust stains…

February 17, 2018