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The Swiss Désalpe

October 25, 2018

Ready for our next adventure, we headed to the Gruyères region for the day. And, much to our surprise, an amazing event was going on: the Désalpe de Charmay.

This annual tradition is a mountain festivity, which celebrates the descent of famous Swiss cattle from the mountains into the valley for winter. Every fourth Saturday of September, local farmers dress their cows in festive wear with massive Swiss bells and floral headpieces. The farmers themselves don their best traditional garb and corral the livestock down towards the lower pastures on foot.

It was such a pleasant surprise to have been in the area during the Désalpe and we enjoyed listening to the clang of the cow bells as the animals slowly trotted downhill. Better yet, we loved watching the charming farm children, running about minding the cows.

After witnessing some cattle run into cars and others MOOOOO exceedingly loud, we turned around and headed back downhill ourselves for an afternoon of cheese and fondue in Gruyères proper.


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