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Harvest Season in the Lavaux Vineyards

October 11, 2018

On a beautiful September day, my family and I went to one of my favorite walking spots in Lavaux, among the vineyards.

But, before we began our hour-long foot journey along Chemin de la Dame between Rivaz and Epesses, we needed sustenance. Stopping at a local place that we had eyed many times before, Auberge de Rivaz, we took a seat on the sunny, cupola-covered patio.

Sipping on local white wine, we ordered an ample amount of food for the table: fresh artichoke, cream of goat cheese salad, squid ink risotto, and steak with crispy potatoes. The real gem, however, was the seafood linguine. Brimming with fresh clams, calamari, and muscles on a bed of red sauce pasta, it truly stole the show.

vineyard walk

Stuffed to the brim we made our way up the hill to the village of Rivaz and began our vineyard journey.

We were in luck: it was harvest season for the grapes. There were dozens of pickers amongst the vineyards prying bunches off the vines. Barrels of fresh pinot gris, chasselas, and pinot noir grapes lined the streets and, if you were lucky, you could take a forgotten cluster of grapes from the ground and try them yourself. A few minutes in, we stopped at a winery’s little stand and took a sampling of their wines – a dry red and two local whites. They were delicious, especially the whites – Swiss white wine is some of my favorite! (Although, it is hard to find abroad due to the unrealistic pricing of Swiss exports.)

Following our sampling, we followed the winding road through the vineyards.

Wine production has been present in the area since the 11th century. The monks, who cultivated the terraced slopes, left an indelible mark the region, and the area became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007. There is nothing else like Lavaux in the world in terms of cultural impact and beauty! The impressive views attested to this fact while we strolled through the hillsides.

It was a gorgeous day out nestled among the greenery. We stopped occasionally to take in the view. We finished our walk in Epesses, making a cat friend along the way.

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