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An Afternoon in Yvoire

September 27, 2018

Finally, after 3 years of dating my Swiss boyfriend, my parents made the journey to the Lac Léman region.

I was so excited to share with them the Swiss part of my life – Lausanne, fondue, Lavaux – and more! My boyfriend and I had developed a packed week of activities, with base camp at his family’s vacation apartment in Evian. We couldn’t wait to get going.


a sunny lunch.

Still slightly jet lagged and yearning for a delicious late lunch on Saturday, we ventured to Yvoire, a sleepy medieval village on the shores of the lake. Just outside the city’s walls is Restaurant La Vieille Porte, a traditional French eatery with a stellar patio and delicious food. Housed in the defense tower of the former gated entrance to the city, La Vieille Porte has been in the same family’s hands since the 16th century. As an American, with a national identity that only dates back 300 years, the history of this place is incredible.

Settling into the sunny table, I spotted the local cat, a semi-anti-social creature with stunning coloring and blue eyes. Apathetic to our existence, he sat on the stone wall next to the table, occasionally accepting a pet.

We ordered table wine and an array of food – an individual charcuterie starter for Junior, fresh salads for the table, lemon butter perch, shrimp with risotto, filet with gratin dauphinois, lamb, and more.

Everything was delectable. We finished the meal with a nice strong coffee.


the old town of Yvoire.

Stuffed to the gils, we took to the city to walk off our bellies. Crossing under the former city gate, we zig zagged past antique stores and basket weavers to the main city square. Stepping into the ancient church, that which has had a presence in the town since the 10th century, we admired its artwork. We then pushed onwards towards the shore. Reaching the old port, we took in the spectacular view.

Exploring the town, we stopped in at a variety of charming boutiques. Among my favorite were OPALINE Art, a jewelry store, and the soap shop on Grand Rue. We spent the entire afternoon wandering Yvoire’s narrow streets, until, fatigued, we crawled back into the car and headed towards Evian.

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