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September 6, 2018

Since starting my latest mundane desk job, podcasts have popped back on to my radar. And I am so grateful!

They are truly essential for getting through the day. Plus, they fill your brain with tons of information to dish out over drinks with friends or in the break room. Podcasts make you smarter.

Without further ado, here are my top five podcasts of the moment.

Up First by NPR

– for a daily dose of news – 

I listen to this podcast every weekday after I hop out of the shower. Short and sweet, my favorite team of NPR reporters dish out all you need to know before you leave the house. The situation in Syria, the latest Trump tweet – you get the picture. Their thorough, balanced reporting gets me through my hectic morning routine!


The Wilderness by Crooked Media

– for a left-leaning analysis of the Democratic party – 

From the infamous group behind Pod Save AmericaThe Wilderness is a flawlessly produced podcast on the history and current state of the Democratic party in America. The podcast probes heavy questions like what mistakes were made in the 2016 election and what can the American left do better moving forward. Jon Favreau moderates and dishes up cool answers to these complex questions. Worth a listen, whether Dem or Republican.


How I Built This by NPR

– for mid-week, entrepreneurial inspiration –

TALK ABOUT INSPIRING! Guy Raz sits down with some of the founders of the most innovative companies in America – RXBar, TRX Straps, Barre3, WeWork – and unearths the past struggles and present success of their founders. Such an inspiring and interesting pod.


Popcast by The New York Times

– for meta, deep dives into popular music – 

This podcast satisfies and my love of unrealistic over analysis of trivial things (ie, my inner English major). Here, the team picks apart popular music in such a intelligent and inquisitive way, it can only make you smile. Some of my favorite episodes include Drake: Platinum in a Day, but Still at a Crossroads, and, How We Arrived at Ariana Grande’s Big Moment. Smart, sassy – this podcast is great.


The ATP Project by ATP Science

– for naturopathic and whole foods nerds  – 

The ATP Project is probably the most niche of the podcasts listed , but for those into health and natural foods, it is AMAZING. The guys dive into controversial topics like dairy and its downsides, why probiotics may not actually be doing anything for you, and more!


Keep your eyes out for restaurant reviews of Young Joni and Alma in the coming weeks – my lengthier posts were sidelined this week after a bit of a concussion 😂😭

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