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Minneapolis Restaurant Week at Café Lurcat

August 23, 2018

In the height of the summer, wearing atrociously unstable wedges, I met my friends from college at Café Lurcat in Loring Park.

I hadn’t been to the restaurant since a Junior Prom meal several years back, so I was excited to re-experience the sophisticated Minneapolis staple. Plus, their restaurant week menu looked too good to pass up.

I arrived first and was seated at a beautiful white linen table, directly across from the open-concept kitchen. The dining room was grand, with soaring ceilings and old world touches. The 14 foot windows looked across the sparkling city and Loring Park, and I had to admit, that I kinda wished bae was there for a little date night <3

The restaurant week menu was stacked and I perused while awaiting my friends after putting in an order for red wine – I opted for a very affordable, yet delicious West Coast red (I only to find out later that I had ordered the wrong wine. No wonder it was so good! Oops, nothing like $15 a glass!)

The girls, Victoria and Corissa, arrived, themselves a couple cocktails deep, and after forcing them to download my most recent obsession, an astrology app (no shame), we made our selections.

For my first course, I opted for a shaved apple and cheese salad. It was delicate and the crispy, sweet apples paired wonderfully with the nutty manchego cheese. Victoria had a nice, yet perhaps not overly fresh crab cake – we are in a land locked state, after all. It was, though, yummy nonetheless.

However, Corissa’s shrimp civiche stole the show (below). Unlike the crab, it was vibrant and fresh, with a bit of citrusy kick. It was perfect for a summer evening.

(Sorry about the photo quality, it was quite dark)

After ordering another round of beverages, our mains followed soon after. I was quite pleased with my Amish Chicken (below), another dish perfect for the warmer weather. Served with a sumac yogurt sauce and crunchy cucumbers, it was refreshing and perfectly cooked, with crispy flavorful skin.

The others had a flank steak, marinated in a rich garlic butter sauce. Although a completely meat-centric dish (potatoes anyone?), it was wonderful.

For a final course, we finished off the evening each with a different dessert. For me, a rich milk chocolate fudge bar with sea salt, caramel, and puffed rice crispys. Decadent and creamy, it was certainly too much for one person, but delicious nonetheless.

Victoria opted for an elderflower pavlova, which was tasty, but was too overpowering – the rhubarb and citrus crema was too island tropical-drink for my personal taste. Meanwhile, Corissa enjoyed warmed cinnamon donuts. Nothing like a perfect State Fair classic to round off the meal!

And with that, wallets happy from Restaurant Week pricing, we sauntered off into the July evening, chattering about where we would try next.


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