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Hidden Gem / Kony Bubble Tea Taiwan – Lausanne, Switzerland

July 5, 2018
Kony Bubble Tea Exterior Lausanne Flon

Bubble tea is a bit divisive.

Not everybody loves little squishy tapioca spheres inside their hot or cold beverage. Many find it gross. But, for some strange reason, I LOVE bubble tea. And, of course, my favorite part of the beverage is, without a doubt, the squishy, icky boba 🤤 I like it so much, I often drink my tea way too fast, in hopes of sucking up all the tapioca pearls right away.

Therefore, you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered an amazing bubble tea joint right in central Lausanne: Kony Bubble Tea.

Kony Bubble Tea Exterior Lausanne Flon

Kony Bubble Tea Lausanne

Kony Bubble Tea

Shamelessly positive, Kony Bubble Tea Taiwan in Lausanne really does put a smile on your face. Constantly bustling with familiar “baristas” (or tea makers), the sunny space packs in guests and churns out mouthwatering Taiwanese boba. The store is also stocked with a hodge-podge of quick Asian bites like Pocky and ramen, perfect for a fast snack. Although I stick to strictly beverages when visiting, their odd variety of Asian Cheetos and extra spicy ramen may be worth a try.

When having a tea, I always order a black tea, hot, with less milk.

But, don’t let my lame tastebuds dissuade you – Kony’s flavors range from matcha to mango to lavender, and no flavor choice is ever a bad choice. With endless tasty possibilities, this bubble tea store definitely worth a visit!

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