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Dinner at Café Grancy

July 12, 2018
Cafe Grancy Lausanne, Switzerland

With my departure from Switzerland looming, it was time for another round of goodbye dinners.

So Junior, his family, and I headed to Café de Grancy, a large, airy restaurant just south of Lausanne’s train station. With a stunning patio and subtle belle époque touches, it was a perfect place to spend a sunny June evening.

We strolled over from the Metro, enjoying the beautiful weather, sunshine, and views of Lac Léman.

Grancy Metro Stop Lac Leman Lausanne, Switzerland

Grancy Metro Stop Lausanne, Switzerland

Waiting for a patio table, we sat down in their eclectic lounge area. Perched in mismatched 1970s chairs we eyeballed a variety of board games, all of which were missing some pieces. Sadly, someone was too hungry to wait (aka me) for a the outdoors, so we settled into a comfortable table inside.

The server brought over some bread (thank the lord I was famished!) and we perused the menu. Café Grancy features primarily European classics and is best known for their tartares. The Swiss do love their uncooked meat. However, I have always loved their risottos. I decided on the Risotto Carnaroli with sautéed zucchini, feta cheese, arugula, and parmesan shavings. And, I would start off with a cold seasonal gazpacho – it sounded perfect for a warm day.

Café de Grancy Interior Lausanne, Switzerland

As we waited for our food, we chatted casually about Jenny’s final project for design school. It sounded like too much work! Meanwhile, Junior sipped on his favorite beverage, a local fizzy lemonade.

My gazpacho arrived and it wasn’t my style, more like a tomatillo salsa then gazpacho. Flavorful, but just not for me.

Up next were the mains. Junior, of course, and his mom got tartares, specifically the veal tartare with bacon of Colonnata, basil, and lime. It was delicious with the perfect contrast of flavors between the salty bacon and tangy lime.

Café de Grancy Tartare Lausanne, Switzerland

Jenny’s special unfortunately missed the mark. A creamy salmon pasta with dill, the flavors just didn’t align (side note – I hate dill, so perhaps I am biased). However, my risotto was entirely delicious and wonderfully creamy, although completely oversized. Yum 🤤

Totally stuffed with no room for dessert, we walked towards the metro, taking in the beautiful Swiss sunset. I cannot wait to bring my parents to Café Grancy come fall!

Café de Grancy Risotto Lausanne, Switzerland

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