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Parisian Lunch Break at Boca Mexa

April 19, 2018
The day after Junior’s graduation, we had a late start featuring toast and a quick coffee at Rude Manners.

Junior and I set out on foot in search of a more filling lunch.

Ever since I studied abroad, I have been skeptical about any and all Mexican food in Europe. Junior always makes fun of me for my apparently unfounded claim that all burritos, tacos, and quesadillas are shitty in the old world. But, as an American who loves Mexican food, I can’t help but be opinionated.

In attempt to overthrow my negative stance, he suggested one of his favorite quick Mexican places, Boca Mexa, a charming, build-your-own style Mexican cafe. Boasting a few locations, we swung by the shop in the 11th, ready for guac.

The exterior set expectations high, already, with an Aztec inspired neon sign (below).

When we entered, we were greeted by the friendly staff, one of whom had lived in America for a while. Super nice, he said he noticed I was American by the way I pronounced “burrito”, lol.

Half ordering in Spanish, and half in English, I got a burrito bowl with a variety of amazing toppings. Some sort of onion slaw, a salsa verde, perfectly roasted peppers, and an abundant amount of cheddar and guacamole. Junior ordered a chorizo burrito (the staff only spoke to him in Spanish because I was speaking it; so funny to see him go a little blank across the face as he struggled to communicate!).

Settling into a wooden bench, we dug in to our amazing looking meal. Junior had indeed uprooted my accusation that all European Mexican food was terrible! My bowl was delicious and true to the Mexican tradition. Meanwhile, Junior’s chorizo burrito really stole the show with perfect Monterrey flavor.

Tummies full, we headed towards the Metro, for our next stop: Montmartre.

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