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Hidden Gem / Rude Manners – Paris

April 17, 2018
We arrived in Paris in mid April for a long weekend excursion.

The city was blooming with spring flowers and was slightly damp. The sidewalks were cluttered with puddles from ongoing drizzles. But, for the most part, the sky remained clear, dotted with an occasional cloud.

After a long drive from Geneva (8 hours of cows!), we opted for a luxurious dinner at Chez Mademoiselle, a charming local restaurant in the 4th. Among the five of us, three got boeuf bourguignon and two got a fish dish, with the head still attached 🙈. Guess which I had! It was delicious.

And to our delight, the staff slipped us a full bottle of Amaretto to share across the candle lit table post meal.

Following dinner, we strolled home under a light rain. We took a detour past Notre Dame, dodging some poisoned rats along the way, to catch the stunning building in the evening light.

Finally, after a tiresome day, we returned back to our humble Airbnb slept and long and hard.

The following morning, we got up early to prepare for Junior’s graduation ceremony. Despite the fact that he had finished school 10 months ago, the last hoorah was held after the fact at Palais de Congrès. Yay Jun!

Foggy still from slight jet lag and unrelenting hay fever, I, and the rest of the group, were all desperately in need of coffee. So, after dressing, Junior and I wandered a couple doors down to Rude Manners, an unexpected gallery of sorts, tucked away in the 11th Arrondissement.

Recently opened, the coffee shop, cafe, and art gallery unifies sentiments of underground Paris counterculture, millennial brunch vibes, unexpected and oftentimes sexual artistic expression, and pure, delicious coffee.

Chatting casually with the barista in French and English, Junior and I ordered a latte and an americano respectively – the coffee shop features a variety of drinks including smoothies, juices, and mochas. This isn’t so to speak, a traditional French, ‘cafe creme’ place.

With nicely frothed milk, we settled into a two top table. The music was just my type – a little bit of Travis Scott, a little bit of Drake, and a dose of Frank Ocean. The art was worth investigating, too. One series in particular featured a grouping of “sex organ” collages, creatively forming various body parts with sexually charged images. Meanwhile, another set of paintings depicted the English royal family in not the nicest of terms.

We returned the following days for more coffee, loving the atmosphere and friendly staff.

It’s a true gem and worth a visit if in Paris.

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