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Dinner at La Marine

April 26, 2018
It had been a very long day of exploring Paris.

And, after two hours of panicking about what to do for dinner, Junior and I wandered over to the area surrounding the canal in the 8th, in hopes of finding something yummy to eat.

We had been to this area before, this past summer with my cousin. Although the weather wasn’t quite as nice this time around and fewer people crowded around the canal with bottles of wine and slices of cheese, the atmosphere was still the same: young and carefree.

After investigating a couple places on the left side of the canal, we decided on La Marine, a promising spot with a romantic atmosphere and traditional French menu.

We settled in at the bar while we waited for the others to arrive from an afternoon of antiquing in Montmartre. Junior sipped on a Mojito, below, and I opted for a margarita on the rocks. Pleasantly, neither of the two drinks were too sweet.

As the sun began to set the others arrived and we took our place at a large table near the entrance. It had a wonderful view of the canal and all the busyness outside.

I drooled over the menu – Filet de bceuf franscais with gratin dauphinois; Raviolis frais, ricotta et epinards, basilic tomates confites; Poulpe et roquette; Salade d’artichauts, coppa et parmesan Reggiano; Mozzarella Di Bufala et tornates anciennes.

Finally, I settled on the Coeur de rumsteak with gratin dauphinois, and we all awaited our food. But, when it finally came to my delight, I was too distracted by how delicious it looked that I completely failed to take photos!

Junior had the incredible Cuisse de lapin aux morilles, penne au parmesan, a creamy pasta with soft cooked rabbit. It was so tasty!

Then, we finished off the meal with molten lava cakes and crème brûlée.

The restaurant was truly a delight.

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